Helpful Tips

Shrubs - It is best to prune shrubs, such as azaleas, Indian hawthorn, and cameilias after they have bloomed. Roses should be pruned back. Give planting beds a fresh start by a thorough clean-out of leaves and foliage. Mulch and feed shrubs early in the year before new growth begins

Watering Tips - When to water the lawn? Water in the early morning before 8:00 A.M. or when temperature and evaporation rate are low. Don't water daily. This will produce a shallow root system which makes the grass less drought resistant.

Grass cycling - Forget those long-held beliefs that grass clippings left on a lawn smother the grass underneath or cause thatch. Grass clippings are actually good for the lawn. From now on, don't bag your lawn clippings — "grass cycle" them. Grasscycling improves lawn quality. When grass clippings are allowed to decay naturally on the lawn, they release valuable nutrients, add water-saving mulch and encourage natural soil aeration by earthworms

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